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New Spill Plug-in from Neyrinck Accelerates Surround Mixing and Sound Design in Pro Tools

Spill is a new AAX Native, AAX DSP and AAX AudioSuite plug-in for Pro Tools that makes it fast and easy to adjust channel levels on surround audio and bus tracks, just like the “spill” feature found on high-end digital film consoles.

Spill is the first plug-in to support the powerful new V-PlugIn controller app for iPad/iPhone for super-fast access to tracks and their plug-ins. Spill is immediately available to all owners of a V-Control Pro Bundle license. The Spill installer download includes 7-day free trial license.

Spill Features

  • Insert Spill on any multi-channel Pro Tools track, aux or master
  • Supports all Pro Tools formats from stereo to 7.1
  • All channels are spilled to individual channel faders in the Spill plug-in window
  • Multiple channels may be relative grouped such as L and R
  • Adds multi-channel Spill capability to Avid S6 surface
  • Fine fader adjustment mode for precise control

V-PlugIn Features

  • Control Spill plug-in from iPhone or iPad
  • Select from a list of tracks that have Spill instantiated without having to open the plug-in window in Pro Tools
  • Group channels for easy control

V-Control Pro Bundle is available now for only $49.99/year from the Neyrinck store.

Download Free 7-day Spill Plug-in Trial

Download V-Control Pro Bundle • Install V-PlugIn iOS App