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Alhambra, CA – September 2009… Given the rapid pace of technological advancement in music and sound technology, the ability to stay abreast of the latest methodologies and production tools in audio production is a daunting task that, all too often, eludes even the best intentioned. Pinnacle College—formerly known as Sound Master recording school—has addressed this challenge for over 37 years. Today, Pinnacle College stands more vibrant than ever and its ongoing commitment to future generations of audio professionals has resulted in a new campus, state-of-the-art facilities, a faculty comprised of acknowledged professionals, and a curriculum that addresses the realities of today’s market.

Established in 1972 as the first school of its kind in the United States by the late Brian Ingoldsby, a respected leader in the music recording field, Sound Master recording school trained talented individuals capable of meeting the demands of the

rapidly growing audio engineer industry. Over the years, the school continued to refine its curriculum and update its equipment to stay current with the demands of the employers and the industry.

In mid 2004, Sal Younis, President and co-founder of Pinnacle College, learned that Sound Masters’ owners were going to cease operation after providing educational services for over 30 years. “I contacted Ingoldsby Soundmaster Corporation (Sound Master’s owners) and informed them that my business partner, Ken Years, and I were interested in acquiring the school and continuing the great tradition they had established,� explained Younis. Younis and Years acquired Sound Master on February 5, 2005. Meanwhile, Ingoldsby Sound Master had sold the school’s original building in North Hollywood to another investor. Immediately, Younis and Years made the strategic decision to re-locate the school.

Younis and Years ultimately selected Alhambra, CA for their new campus. “We chose the 1000 South Fremont Avenue address because it literally is a campus,� states Younis. “The combined physical plant offers 1,000,000 square feet of space and houses several educational institutions, including the Keck School of Medicine, Platt College, Everest College, and DeVry University. It’s a safe, gated community that is well-lit, offers ample parking, and is situated in close proximity to Los Angeles—the entertainment capital of the world. After roughly six months for construction, we moved in October of 2005. We are also replicating the same arrangement at our Northern California location that opened in 2008. We anticipate our new Sacramento location will be ready in late 2009.�

With a seasoned faculty and a new facility equipped with the latest equipment designed to train students on the very gear used in today’s production environment, Pinnacle College’s curriculum is dynamic. As it has for over three decades, the school continues to develop students for meaningful careers in the sound arts. One of the school’s most notable offerings is a 9-month recording engineer program that prepares students for positions as a recording engineer, audio/video post production engineer, second engineer, and similar positions.

As it has for almost 40 years, Pinnacle College’s new management looks forward to continuing and building upon the visions set forth by its founder. “Pinnacle College is a compelling place to study and prepare for a career in audio,� says Younis. “By design, we are a boutique college. We are small, which means we have an excellent teacher to student ratio—enabling our students to get the hands-on experience and teacher attention they deserve. We also have an exceptional curriculum that is absolutely in touch with the realities of today’s market. Most significantly, we have a faculty with relevant, real-world experience who genuinely care about their students. Many of our instructors are alumni who can relate to their students because they’ve been there. The bottom line is this: we focus on preparing employment-ready graduates.�

About Pinnacle College
The mission of Pinnacle College is to provide practical training that will prepare students for entry level positions in the fields of audio engineering, multimedia, and technology. Pinnacle College will remain alert to occupational trends by researching and forming strategic partnerships with industry leaders, engineers, educators, and government agencies. In addition, Pinnacle College will continuously upgrade its curriculum, equipment, and facility to reflect the requirements of present and future employers. For additional information, visit Pinnacle College online at or contact them at (626) 284-0050.


Photo info: Image of Pinnacle College’s Studio A.