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ANAHEIM, CA, January 24, 2008 — The RapcoHorizon Company, a leading manufacturer of audio/video interfacing and cable equipment, introduced its new LTIBLOX mono interface at Winter NAMM 2008.

A scaled down, compact, mono audio version of The RapcoHorizon Company‘s new LTI-1 stereo interface, the LTIBLOX accepts stereo 3.5mm audio from portable audio devices and provides a single mono balanced XLR output for input into professional mixing consoles. Featuring a 3.5mm connector on a three-foot cable, the LTIBLOX has volume control and balanced XLR outputs.

“The LTIBLOX meets the price point where stereo reproduction is not necessary,” explains Brad Graham, marketing manager and inventor for The RapcoHorizon Company. “This provides an affordable solution for those interface users who are only in need of one mixing channel.”

The LTIBLOX is available through The RapcoHorizon Company dealers and is priced at an MSRP of $49.

The RapcoHorizon Company, located in Jackson, Missouri, is one of the world‘s largest manufacturers and suppliers of audio, video, home theater, data and telecommunications cable in both bulk wire and assemblies. Used worldwide by concert touring sound companies, video and sound contractors, recording studios, system integrators, audiophiles and musicians, The RapcoHorizon Company’s products provide optimal flexibility and premium performance. The company‘s state-of-the-art Custom Shop can modify existing products or build new devices to meet any need. For more information, please visit The RapcoHorizon Company‘s Web site at

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