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Sonum Perfectum Scholarship Winner Jason Dominguez Begins His Audio Technology Studies at SAE Institute San Francisco

Jason “Science” Dominguez, a Bay Area resident, has been awarded the Sonum Perfectum Scholarship to attend the San Francisco campus of SAE Institute.

Jason “Science” Dominguez, a Bay Area resident, has been awarded the Sonum Perfectum Scholarship to attend the San Francisco campus of SAE Institute, which was cited as being the world’s “best of the best” audio engineering school by Vibe Magazine.

SAE’s Sonum Perfectum Scholarship is merit-based, and provides “a creatively-gifted prospective full-time student with a chance to be rewarded for demonstrating an inherent ability and enthusiasm for audio technology”.  Jason will have half of his total tuition costs – valued at $8,000 – paid by the SAE Creative Media Scholarship Fund.

“I’m thrilled to win the Sonum Perfectum Scholarship, and also thrilled to be attending SAE,” says Dominguez, who’s a Los Angeles native.  “I looked at several other audio engineering programs, and I knew that SAE was right for me because of how much industry experience the staff in San Francisco has, and also by the amount of hands-on learning that SAE makes available to its students compared to other colleges, which offer minimal in-studio training.”

Jason’s application process for the Sonum Perfectum included a 300-word essay, two letters of recommendation, an original audio submission and production paper, and a research paper on a topic related to audio or music.

“Jason’s submission really impressed the SAE scholarship committee,” says Kirk Engel, Campus Director of SAE San Francisco.  “He’s been with us less than two months, and we’re already seeing tremendous drive, focus, and talent from him.”

Dominguez is a self-taught musician who’s proficient in both analog and digital music production.  With 15 years of production experience, he’s worked with such artists as KRS-One, Sadat-X (Bran Nubian), El Da Sensei (Artifacts), Planet Asia, Canibus, Copywrite, Roc-C, MED, Tristate, and Jarobi (Tribe Called Quest).  Along with his studio work, Dominguez is also an instructor with Today’s Future Sound, a non-profit organization “which uses music production and media arts as vehicles through which to empower youth as artists and community members while fostering their well-being as individuals”.

“After graduating in 2014, I’ll continue my audio technology pursuits,” says Dominguez, who will be featured on “Hip Hop Sisters”, a reality TV show that will debut on Black Entertainment Network (BET).  “The SAE certification will not only increase my employment options as an engineer, it will also allow me to effectively promote and market myself as a producer and composer.”

Dominguez began his classes at SAE Institute on September 30.

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