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Wisycom In-Ear Monitoring System Delivers Clarity and Reliability to Italian Singer Cesare Cremonini

TRENTO, ITALY, JUNE 12, 2019 – When Sound/Monitor/FOH Engineer and RF Coordinator Gianluca Bertoldi set out on tour with popular Italian singer/songwriter Cesare Cremonini, he was looking for a wireless solution that would overcome the challenges associated with a large live touring show. Looking for a solution that would provide him with a wide RF range, high RF power and better sound, Bertoldi found the answer with Wisycom.

While on tour with Cesare Cremonini, Bertoldi used Wisycom’s IEM system comprised of the MTK952 Wideband Dual Transmitter, MPR50-IEM Wideband Receiver and CSI16T Wideband Combiner. This solution proved especially beneficial for the tour’s four large stadium shows and 23 arena concerts that were held across Italy. In addition, Bertoldi complemented his Wisycom gear with third-party antennas, transmitters and receivers.

“I really enjoyed using the Wisycom system for the Cesare Cremonini tour,” says Bertoldi. “The Wisycom transmission compander is awesome and the headphone amp in the receiver is amazing. I’ve never heard a sound so detailed, like in this IEM system. If you add the power of transmission, the wide range in frequency, the ease of coordination and all the ‘plus’ features, it’s clearly the best package for live performances on the market today. As far as I’m concerned, there is no comparison —now, I always only want to use Wisycom.”

Bertoldi first used Wisycom in 2017 with Italy’s national public broadcasting company, RAI, at Modena Park for a concert by singer Vasco Rossi. From that point, Bertoldi became a believer and uses Wisycom whenever he has the opportunity.

In addition to the high quality of the Wisycom gear that Bertoldi uses for his client’s live concerts, the engineer is also very happy with the support he receives from the company. “Leslie Lello at Wisycom is excellent to work with,” he adds. “Leslie joined me on the most important concerts and helped me create an appropriate profile to do the RF coordination with Wisycom’s wireless system. He also helped me with options and features of the Wisycom products I was already using.”

Included among the gear spec’ed by Lello is Wisycom’s MPR50-IEM wideband receiver – a compact, true-diversity receiver designed for professional in-ear monitoring applications. With FM stereo mode for MPX decoding; mix-mode and frequency scan functionality; and automatic programming through infrared and micro-USB, the MPR50-IEM provides all the elements necessary for a high-stress touring environment. The compact receiver also has an OLED display, dedicated function buttons and the option for AA battery pack or rechargeable lithium pack, which guarantee ease-of-use and reliability.

The IEM receivers were also complemented by Wisycom’s versatile MTK952 Wideband Dual Transmitter, which functions in a huge UHF (330MHz) bandwidth with narrowband modulation and very high-quality and low spurious emissions. The MTK952 provides the ultimate in flexibility and offers 2400 user-defined frequencies and a reference in/out for ISO-frequencies or multiple coverage zones, making the Wisycom IEM system ideally suited for everything from small sets to large-scale arena tours.

About Wisycom

Wisycom is a Wisycom’s design process is driven by attention to detail, customer feedback and ultimate quality, from the selection of components to the manufacturing process, which takes place at the company’s Italian plants. The company prides itself on serving as a technical advisor and partner to every customer. From custom design to evaluation and dimensioning of systems, the Wisycom team stands by its customers through every step of the process. For more information, please visit