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Audiotonix Announces Cloud-Based Audio Developments

Auditonix has unveiled technology that enables its Calrec and Solid State Logic brands to virtualize their processing engines.

Surrey, UK (July 14, 2022)—Auditonix has thrown its hat into the cloud-based solutions ring with the unveiling of technology that enables its broadcast audio brands — Calrec and Solid State Logic — to virtualize their processing engines.

Capitalizing on the group’s broadcast engineering experience and Intel DSP knowledge, Audiotonix has developed a technology Proof of Concept (PoC) that will reportedly provide the backbone for Calrec and Solid State Logic to further develop cloud solutions based on their respective production workflows and feature sets. According to a group statement, Audiotonix’s broadcast cloud-based technology may be utilized across the main public cloud platform providers, such as AWS, Azure and Google.

The cloud engine leverages Audiotonix patented x86 CPU optimal core processing (OCP) technology and operates within a virtualized Linux environment optimized for low-latency throughput, providing real-time and deterministic audio processing and mixing. The solution uses cloud-compatible, software-defined, real-time transport protocols within the I/Os to provide flexible and specific connections, with transport wrappers providing the necessary integrity.

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By connecting Calrec and Solid State Logic control surfaces, operators are provided with the familiar console and panel interfaces that their audio productions require. Contribution, distribution and monitoring feeds can be served by different interfaces, facilitating the specific requirements of each task. (So, for example, audio monitoring signals may be returned to the console operator with minimal latency.)

Neil Hooper, group technology officer at Audiotonix, comments, “As a business, we continually strive to innovate on behalf of our customers to help them unlock growth opportunities through event scaling, utilize existing equipment more efficiently, and help reduce their environmental impact. With cloud-based solutions, we aim to continue that process, ensuring our performance is as reliable and predictable as current technologies that our customers already rely on. We are also keenly aware that customers need flexibility and choice, so from the outset we are developing our cloud solutions for implementation across the core public cloud providers.”