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Korg Pandora Mini Battery-Powered Multi-effect Processor

The Pandora Mini battery-powered multi-effect processor, created with both guitarists and bass players in mind, is powered by Korg’s REMS (Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System). It offers 158 sophisticated effects, divided into seven categories: Pickup and Dynamic Models; Amp Models; Cabinet Models; Modulation and Filter Effects; Delays; Reverbs; and Noise Reduction. Up to seven effects can be used simultaneously in a single Program. There are 400 Programs available in the Pandora Mini: 200 Preset Programs and 200 User Program locations for storing new or customized sounds. Of the 200 Preset Programs, 115 are Song Presets; each one instantly captures the signature tone used by a legendary guitarist to create one of their classic hits. Four Memory buttons instantly call up the user’s favorite presets.

The Pandora Mini also contains 100 rhythm and metronome patterns that are well suited to tempo training, jamming and composing. The Tap button makes it easy to set the rhythm or delay tempo. The AUX input allows jamming along with an MP3 player, CD player, etc. The AUX pitch function varies the pitch of the audio input by ±1 octave, and an auto-tuner with muting is also built in.

Other than being battery powered for on-the-go operation, Pandora Mini can also be powered via USB when connected to a computer. Once connected, the sound editing software (free download) can be used to easily edit and manage libraries of programs.

Price: $225

Contact: Korg |