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Audio Post Facility, Mixopolis, Adds Fairlight Xynergi

Fairlight Xynergi console in New York City’s Mixopolis audio post-production facility.

Fairlight reports that New York City audio post-production house, Mixopolis—which provides television and radio advertising agencies with high-quality promotional material—recently purchased a Fairlight Xynergi system as a secondary system that will allow the Mixopolis team to gain access to projects and files while their other studio rooms are occupied. Mixopolis deploys the Fairlight Xynergi for post work that includes voice-over recording, lock to picture, sound effects, and sound design, using the console to intake all audio and video formats.

Mixopolis is currently working on Macy’s “Shop For A Cause” campaign, as well as other television spots and shows for NBC and HBO.

“It’s great to have the ability of prepping files or projects on the stand-alone system,” says Mixopolis owner Mitch Raboy. “It fits perfectly in the area near our music library and is easy to access by everyone.”

Raboy reports that he and his team have been able to use the Fairlight Xynergi system to edit material very quickly. “We all love the [Fairlight] Constellation we have in our mixing room,” he continues. “This makes it easy for our team to take advantage of the second system. To our surprise it has been used regularly and we’ve even done a few complete projects on it.

“The addition of Fairlight to be able to drag and drop any file format to the timeline has been the deal maker. This was a huge step in the process to save time. We can now store video with the project and don’t need any other peripherals.

“The automation is great—being able to copy past projects to the current timeline saves time when working on multiple versions of a commercial. Having touch-sensitive faders and knobs under my hands is awesome. It’s great not having to use a mouse. Whatever knob or setting you’re looking for it’s right on the console.

“Overall, Fairlight has been there through it all and helped us to do our jobs at the highest level. The support has been outstanding and gives us confidence that we can tackle any job that comes our way,” Raboy concludes.

For additional information, visit Fairlight US at and Mixopolis at