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Fairlight Announces CC-2 Engine at NAB 2014

CC-2 is the second generation digital audio engine from Fairlight, available on a single PCIe card.

At the 2014 NAB Show earlier this month in Las Vegas, Fairlight released its second generation digital audio engine, CC-2, which is based on Fairlight’s Crystal Core Technology, powering the company’s entire range of high-speed digital audio mixing, recording and editing systems for large, complex productions.

Fairlight has moved to the more advanced FPGA-based CC-2 technology to accommodate the track counts and surround formats used in film and television productions. Providing 1,000 hard disk playback channels, 100 live inputs and more than 100 output buses, the CC-2 system is compatible with surround sound formats including Dolby Atmos, DTS MDA and NHK’s 22.2.

The new CC-2 is tightly integrated with Fairlight’s editing and mixing environment, and includes a new 64-bit codebase, advanced delay compensation, and faster than real-time bounce. It also offers equalization, dynamics, plug-ins and inserts on every input and bus with near zero latency and unlimited headroom.

Fairlight states that it has ensured that CC-2 is also compatible with audio hardware purchased for CC-1 so that owners of Fairlight systems won’t need to replace their current audio interfaces and control surfaces to upgrade to CC-2. The company continues to support existing investments in Fairlight’s hardware.

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