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Genelec North America Goes Solar

Genelec's North American subsidiary in Natick, MA, Genelec Inc., has installed solar panels to power its headquarters.

Natick, MA (October 27, 2021)—Genelec has long focused on sustainability at its world headquarters in Iisalmi, Finland, using renewable energy in all of its endeavors, down to product parts (94% of the aluminum used in Genelec enclosures is recycled, coming from beverage cans, old automobile parts and scrap). Now the brand’s North American subsidiary in Natick, MA, Genelec Inc., has followed suit and installed solar panels to power its headquarters.

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Because of the amount of energy the panels produce, the Natick facility is truly off the grid (i.e. producing more energy than it consumes). Additionally, the facility has upgraded to all LED lighting. The Natick complex, based outside Boston, includes a warehouse, immersive demonstration room known as the Genelec Experience Center, and the main operations for North American marketing, sales support and customer service for the brand.

“Powering our facilities in Finland and now North America, solar power is a major component of sustainable infrastructure,” noted Lisa Kaufmann, Genelec Inc. managing director. “Continuing a tradition of being a leader in the audio industry, Genelec is excited to carry over the same principles that make our products great, and power our research and development cleanly, affordably and efficiently. The year 2021 also marks the 25th anniversary of Genelec Inc.’s operation in North America, and what better year to shift our center’s energy consumption to a more environmental option? Moving forward, we will continue to seek new ways to reduce our energy footprint and prioritize the health of our planet.”