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Harman Announces Newly Refurbished Soundcraft Studer Truck

Harman’s Soundcraft Studer is taking to the road with its newly refurbished truck, featuring a range of Soundcraft Studer digital mixing consoles, JBL Professional LSR Series studio monitors and AKG microphones and headphones.

The Salon area of the truck now features a “workstation” setup where any combination of three Soundcraft and Studer consoles (a Soundcraft Vi1, a Soundcraft Vi4 and a Studer Vista 5) can be matched with a variety of JBL LSR6325P studio monitor systems and flat-screen video displays, which are placed along movable tracks so that each console can be configured with any speaker combination to replicate virtually any mixing scenario. This combination of products can also easily be configured into training stations, using the video monitors, AKG K240 headphones and Soundcraft Studer’s series of training videos. A pair of AKG D5 microphones is also available for use.

The Studio area features Studer’s flagship Vista 9 digital mixing console, which features I/O sharing with the Vista 5 in the Salon via Studer’s RELINK resource linking system. The system is complemented by a JBL LSR6328P surround sound monitoring system. The truck is also showcasing compatibility of Soundcraft Studer consoles with Riedel RockNet’s audio distribution networking technology, and all Soundcraft consoles take a multichannel audio feed from the Vista 9 I/o via MADI.

With the redesign and refurbishment, the Soundcraft Studer truck can now demonstrate up to six mixing consoles at any one time, and features a rackmounted Soundcraft Si Compact 16 small-footprint digital console, plus a rackmounted iPad featuring the Soundcraft ViSi app, allowing control of any Soundcraft console on the truck at any time.

The interior of the truck now has state-of-the-art LED lighting, which can be modified to create different moods and atmospheres depending on the activity. Harman states that the LED lighting uses an eighth of the power of a traditional incandescent or halogen light, and is not harmful when disposed of.

The upgraded truck’s exterior is UV-treated to improve temperature control for client comfort.

The Studer truck will continue as the centerpiece for the Studer Broadcast Academy training and open house series. A Studer Broadcast Academy session is scheduled for the SBE 22 Expo in Verona, N.Y. on October 11. The Studer truck will also be on display at the 133rd AES Convention in San Francisco on October 27-29, 2012.

“With our world-class range of consoles on board, combined with tremendous flexibility and a new sleek design, we feel the new Soundcraft Studer truck reflects our attitude as a company: that we’re all about providing a first-class experience for longtime Soundcraft Studer customers as well as those new to our products,” says Katy Templeman-Holmes of Soundcraft Studer. “We are eager to show off our range of consoles for the broadcast and live sound markets, as well as JBL’s market-leading studio monitors and AKG’s world-class microphones. Everyone is encouraged to come see and hear our new truck for themselves!”

The new Studer truck will kick off with a brief tour in the Northeastern United States during September and will be on the road until just before the AES show.

Companies in the Northeast that are interested in scheduling an open house can register online at