Korg Pa1X Upgrades, New Dual-Tube Preamps

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Korg TP-2

Korg has recently released Version 1.6, the latest in a series of free operating system upgrades, for the Pa1X Pro and Pa1X Arranger keyboards.

New features include software support for the user-installable EXB-MP3 board, which allows players to record their entire performance—including vocals—as an MP3 file.

Also supported is an optional upgrade to the onboard TC-Helicon vocal processor (SUGTC1), which adds pitch correction and vocal modeling features.

Korg also announced a new dual-tube preamp with optical compression and digital output (TP-2), and a preamp board with optical compression (TPB-2), both of which enhance Korg’s D32XD and D16XD recorders. Both incorporate a specially tuned version of Korg’s Valve Force™ vacuum tube circuitry and high-quality optical compressors that offer a quick response and transparent character.

The Korg TP-2 and TPB-2 will be available in late summer, while Version 1.6 and the new Pa1X and Pa1X Pro resources can be downloaded for free at www.korgpa.com. For more new product announcements, visit http://mixonline.com/products/new/.