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Merging Adds Tactile Remote Control and Jog Wheel Editing to Pyramix

Merging Technologies has added a new tactile remote-control system for its Pyramix DAW. The Isis Remote Controller and Isis Fader Expansion units comprise an edit controller and a fader expansion. The main controller has large dedicated machine control keys, high-resolution jog/shuttle/scrub functionality and advanced jog wheel editing capabilities. A range of user-assignable keys positioned around a large LCD enables multifunctional key operation, also allowing the user to custom-define the key labeling.

The main unit has a master fader section and 24 additional user-definable keys across two layers that can be used as 48 direct access solo/mute/track-arming keys, locators, cue triggers or any other function. There is a separate and optional eight-fader expansion unit with eight rotary encoders. Both units use 100mm touch-sensitive moving faders with dedicated solo, mute, read and write automation keys.

In addition to Pyramix, Isis can be used with Merging’s VCube and VCube HD-2K video player/recorders and can be configured to operate the specific functionality of VCube. One could even connect Isis to a multisystem network port and take control of any Pyramix or VCube on the network.

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