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Le Mobile Announces “My Place or Yours” Mix Packages

Le Mobile (Vista, Calif.) has announced a special “My Place or Yours” package pricing for clients who choose to use the remote studio for mixing and tracking.

Le Mobile (Vista, Calif.) has announced a special “My Place orYours” package pricing for clients who choose to use the remotestudio for mixing and tracking. According to owner Guy Charbonneau(pictured), this flexible structure allows clients to budget a flat feefor the entire project, including mixes in stereo and 5.1 surround.

“Basically, if we did the tracking in Le Mobile, then Ialready have a good idea of what is involved in finishing the project,so I can quote a flat fee for the mixing,” said Charbonneau.“If the mixing takes longer than expected, there’s no extracharge.”

As an extra incentive, Le Mobile is offering a no-risk, no-faultguarantee on “My Place” mixes: those done while the truckis parked at Le Mobile headquarters with Charbonneau as a primary mixengineer. “Once I’m confident that we have the tracks weneed to finish a successful project, then I can offer myguarantee,” Charbonneau said. “After we do the mixes, ifthe client doesn’t want to use them, then there’s no chargefor the mixing time.”

Charbonneau added that the “no-fault” mixing guaranteecould apply to projects that are not recorded by Le Mobile afterevaluation of tracked material and when he is the primary engineer.Weekly flat-fee rates will be quoted for clients who prefer to use aguest engineer for the mixing.

Two recent DVD projects completed under Le Mobile’s“no-fault guarantee” were Rock Steady by No Doubtand Loose in L.A. by The Pretenders.

For those who choose the “Your Place” mixing option, LeMobile will travel to a location that is convenient for theclient—such as a production company office, suitably large homeor a favorite resort—anywhere in the USA or Canada.

“Many artists and producers would prefer to mix at home, butthey don’t want to compromise quality,” he said. “Butwith the ‘Your Place’ option, they can have an immaculatevintage Neve console, Pro Tools|HD, Studer D827 digital and Studer A800analog machines, and great assortment of outboard gear.”

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