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Fairlight Launches Xynergi Media Production Center

Fairlight’s new Xynergi Media Production Center organizes and delivers a suite of media-processing tools for high-end audio-for-video production in all widely used surround formats. Xynergi is based around a completely new concept in tactile control, which harnesses the “green” processing power of Fairlight’s CC-1 digital media engine. The Xynergi controller features a unique implementation of self-labeling key switches that display full-color images, icons or text for intelligent control over recording, editing and mixing.

In addition, the controller can support any type of language or icon-driven menu structure with an “on-demand” QWERTY keyboard for routine naming tasks and immediate access to Microsoft Office tools such as e-mail, Word and Excel. The controller also features eight touch-sensitive rotary controllers and multiple soft keys arranged around a color control zone known as the “pad.” These can be used to support Xynergi’s mix automation system, as well as control signal processing facilities including multiband EQs, three-stage dynamics, multi-dimensional panning and auxiliary sends.

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