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The Game Audio Network Guild Announces Membership Program with Pyramind

The Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.), a non-profit group dedicated to the advancement of interactive audio, and Pyramind, a media and music production school in San Francisco, announce that Pyramind’s one-year certificates will now include G.A.N.G. Student Level Membership. Beginning with the fall September 2006 enrollment block, qualified students will automatically receive a G.A.N.G. Student Level Membership account as part of the enrollment process. These accounts will be afforded the same privileges of all student members, including access to G.A.N.G.’s highly popular, information packed forums.

“Pyramind has always been committed to providing the best opportunities and informational access to its students and our decision to provide memberships into G.A.N.G. falls directly in line with that,” says Matt Donner, Pyramind’s educational executive director. “G.A.N.G.’s commitment to the videogame audio community is a perfect match for the music, post and sound design education that Pyramind provides and we couldn’t be happier with the relationship!”

Following their successful program partnership with Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, G.A.N.G.’s continuing commitment to the expansion and advancement of all areas of interactive audio, and its focus on growing the global game audio community, is reflected in the establishment of this membership opportunity with Pyramind.

“We are excited to be able to offer Pyramind students real world insight into game audio careers,” says Michelle Sorger, G.A.N.G.’s director of development. “We are hoping this groundbreaking program can serve as a blueprint for other like-minded institutions across the nation, as well as globally.”

For more information on G.A.N.G.’s new partnership program and how to participate, contact Michelle Sorger via email at [email protected] or visit For more information on Pyramind, go to