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Get Ethernet Tested and Approved

End-users, consultants, contractors, system technicians, etc., will be able to look for the EtherSound Tested logo on manufacturer’s packing, product literature and Websites, or visit for a list of EtherSound-Tested Ethernet components.

EtherSound is an Ethernet-compliant standard for distribution of PCM digital audio. EtherSound networks are implemented using third-party Ethernet components such as Cat-5e or -6 cables, fiber-optic cables, connectors, switches and media converters. The EtherSound Tested program will verify the performance of these and other Ethernet components.

“We’ve established this program at the request of two groups,” explains Jimmy Kawalek, business manager for EtherSound. “One is the manufacturers of Ethernet cables and network components who want to make sure that EtherSound users are aware of the quality of their products. The other is the users themselves, who are welcoming the extra assurance that the EtherSound Tested program and logo provide when specifying, purchasing and using Ethernet components for EtherSound networks.”

Manufacturers can submit up to three Ethernet cables or connectors, or up to two Ethernet network devices (switches, media converters, etc.) for testing by paying a nominal fee. A dedicated EtherSound technician then runs a battery of tests to verify that the products meet both their own published specifications and are compatible with the functionalirty of EtherSound. Upon successful completion of the tests, the products will be listed on The manufacturer will receive a copy of the EtherSound Tested logo that can be used for promotional purposes and to inform purchasers and users that the product in question meets the relevant Ethernet specifications.

The EtherSound Tested program is administered on behalf of all EtherSound licensees, authorized implementors and users by Digigram, which is both a licensee and the developer and licensor of the EtherSound digital audio networking technology.