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IDEAS Opens New Voice-Over, ADR, Foley, Insert Stage

A vocal recording booth at IDEAS

On the heels of opening its new post-production audio mix room earlier this year, IDEAS in Orlando, Fla., announces the opening of its renovated ADR/Foley/Insert Stage. The rooms were constructed at the IDEAS Studio in downtown Orlando. The stage is capable of audio recording (Foley, ADR, voice-over, ad so on) as well as accommodating photo shoots or small production shoots.

“The stage will allow us to do the voice over recording, ADR, and Foley we have done in the past, with the added bonus that the new stage is also an insert stage,” says IDEAS President John Lux. “This enhancement, in addition to our new acoustically designed and built audio mix room, will allow us to continue the post audio work we have done in the past in addition to accommodating production and photo shoots. We did an ADR session for a feature film as well as numerous production shoots during the soft opening with great success, and we’re looking forward to opening up the stage to everyone.”

IDEAS’renovated ADR/Foley/Insert Stage

The Stage includes multiple custom-built stationary and mobile acoustic panels, mobile Foley work services, a mobile 32-inch LED monitor for ADR work, and a cove that is 30 feet wide by 15 feet tall with a curved corner. This is in addition to the post audio mix stage that houses a 32-fader Avid ICON integrated console, custom designed speakers, subwoofers from Bag End, and a Panasonic 1080p projector with a 12-foot screen.

“The IDEAS team has been doing great post-production work for many years,” says Jennifer Pennypacker, president of Film Florida. “To have them make the type of investment that they have says a lot about their commitment to the production and post-production business—and the Central Florida community—and reaffirms their place as a top destination for post-production work in the Southeast region.”

The award-winning team at IDEAS, lead by senior audio mixer Rob Hill, has been involved with 13 movies in recent years including an Emmy Award nominated and Golden Globe winning miniseries for CBS, four movies for Lifetime, four movies for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon, and three independent films, in addition to numerous other network and cable broadcast and corporate projects.

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