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IsoVox IsoPlug Voiceover Plug-In Debuts

Swedish pro-audio manufacturer IsoVox has unveiled its next tool for voice recording — the IsoVox IsoPlug processing plug-in.

IsoVox IsoPlug Voiceover Plug-In
IsoVox IsoPlug Voiceover Plug-In

Halmstad, Sweden (December 1, 2022)—Swedish pro-audio manufacturer IsoVox has made a name for itself in the voiceover world, focusing on the profession over the last few years first with the release of its IsoVox vocal booth and more recently with its IsoMic mic. now the company has unveiled its next tool for voice recording with the release of the IsoVox IsoPlug processing plug-in.

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Intended for use recording vocals and voiceovers, it offers large groups of presets that provide specific settings for audiobooks, content creation, movie trailers, narration, podcasts, streaming, vocals, voiceover and more. The processing tools within the plug-in include EQ (Bass, Body, and Sparkle), Mud Remover, Compressor, De-Esser, Character, Limiter, and Reverb. All of the presets are all accessible via a Preset Browser designed to assist users with finding an appropriate sound or, alternatively, acting as a jumping-off point for more experienced users.

Indicators help non-technical users to dial in the Compressor, De-Esser, and Limiter to ideal levels, while dedicated knobs control the amount of each effect. IsoPlug is available for purchase as a 64-bit-only AU-, VST-, and VST 3-compatible plug-in for macOS (10.13 – 12) with full Apple Silicon support and 32- and 64-bit VST- and VST3-compatible plug-in for Windows (10, 11). It runs $149.00 USD.