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Baby Audio Unveils Free iOS Plug-Ins

Baby Audio has introduced two new free plug-ins, Magic Dice and Magic Switch, for use on the Apple iOS platform.

New York, NY (March 2, 2022)—Baby Audio offers a number of free plug-ins on its website, but now the software developer has ported two of them, Magic Switch and Magic Dice, to iOS as AUv3 plug-ins for iPad / iPhone.

AUv3 plug-ins require a host such as AUM or Audiobus – or a DAW such as GarageBand or Cubasis. Available for free download on the App Store, Baby Audio reports it plans to more mobile releases later this year.

Magic Dice generates random wet-FX textures on demand. The AUv3 edition combines echo/delay, reverb and modulation effects from Baby Audio’s Spaced Out produc; hit the dice to get new effect configurations, then use the mix slider to blend them in to taste.

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Based on the “Magic” button in Baby Audio’s Super VHS plug-in, Magic Switch is a one-button chorus effect loosely inspired by the Juno-60 analog chorus, featuring a dark and detuned character intended to provide dimension and depth.

“We’re excited to make our products available to the mobile music-making community. Download numbers for Magic Switch and Magic Dice in their original desktop format were in the hundreds of thousands in 2021 alone. This makes them the most used Baby Audio plugins – and possibly also some of the most popular freebies on the plugin market in general. As an indie developer, freebies have proven to be a wonderful and viral way to connect with new users. With our iOS / iPadOS releases we hope to do just that – and learn from the mobile music-making community before eventually venturing into premium AUv3 products.”