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Funktion-One Evo X Launches

The compact Funktion-One Evo X loudspeaker sports 90x15° dispersion to aid focusing sound on the audience.

Funktion-One Evo X
Funktion-One Evo X Loudspeaker.

United Kingdom (November 4, 2022)—Funktion-One has introduced the new Evo X, a full-range, completely horn-loaded loudspeaker intended for use in live venues, small clubs and theaters.

A relatively compact speaker, it can be deployed as a one per side or four-point system, according to the company. The Evo X uses Funktion-One’s latest waveguide technology in order to provide 90° horizontal dispersion and high SPL. While Evo X’s horizontal dispersion may cover a wide area, it has a focused 15-degree vertical dispersion in an effort to ensure that the sound is concentrated on the audience, minimizing reflections and room excitement.

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Featuring the same isophase diffraction, high-frequency waveguide technology as Vero VX, Evo X is designed for small to medium live events and installations, and the company reports that the speaker’s optimal audience area at around 10m by 10m (33 feet square). Operating across 50 Hz-18 kHz, it plays well with Funktion-One F Series and BR Range bass speakers for increased low frequency energy. The wide bandwidth 8” mid-range extends to 5 kHz in an effort to minimize stress on the 1” high frequency driver, while the 15” mid bass handles 50 Hz-280 Hz.

Evo X weighs 47 kg (104 lbs), measures 604mm wide, 859mm high and 540 mm deep (23.8” x 33.8” x 21.25”), and is available in various colors and finishes, as well as a custom wheel board that cradles the loudspeaker’s curved front. It is available now.