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KLANG:konductor In-Ear Mixing Processor Launched

KLANG has introduced its latest immersive in-ear mixing processor, the KLANG:konductor.

KLANG:konductor In-Ear Mixing Processor
KLANG:konductor In-Ear Mixing Processor

New York, NY (September 7, 2021)—KLANG has introduced its latest immersive in-ear mixing processor, the KLANG:konductor.

Answering demand for more input channels, and accordingly new creative and organizational possibilities, KLANG:konductor can deliver 16 immersive mixes and process 128 input signals at up to 96 kHz, reportedly with processing latency of less than 0.25ms.

KLANG:konductor offers three DMI slots on its rear to provide more I/O possibilities and aid integration into an existing setup. For example, two DMI-MADI cards allow 128 input channels and mixes to be returned to a console; and one DMI-Dante card can connect the mixes to KLANG:kontrollers. Paired with integral single-channel routing capabilities, it also allows the user to route between the immersive mix engine and convert between different DMI formats, e.g. Optocore, Dante or MADI, with each DMI card offering up to 64 input and output channels at both 48 kHz and 96 kHz.

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Integration into DiGiCo’s control interface and the KLANG:app give engineers direct control, with KLANG:kontroller allowing musicians to control their own mix. This combination provides flexibility, making mixes accessible, along with fast access to system and mix settings. KLANG:konductor offers the same studio-grade amplifier circuit as KLANG:quelle on the front of the device, allowing engineers to directly connect their in-ears, route their console’s cue output to it and switch to a KLANG cue via the app.

The device also has a front-mounted seven-inch color touch display to allow for direct mix control, audio setup, routing and monitoring meters. A network port on the front of the unit provides power over ethernet to directly connect a KLANG:kontroller or KLANG:quelle.