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UNiKA Unveils PRO-148 and PRO-248 Active DI Boxes

Mega Audio’s UNiKA brand has introduced its new PRO-148 and PRO-248 active DI boxes in mono and stereo (2-channel) configurations.

Waldlaubersheim, Germany (October 7, 2021)—Mega Audio’s UNiKA brand has introduced its new PRO-148 and PRO-248 active DI boxes in mono and stereo (2-channel) configurations for use in recording and live applications.

The PRO-148 is a mono DI box, accepting balanced or unbalanced input via its XLR/TRS combo jacks. The Thru jack output allows for passing on the input signal to a guitar amplifier or other peripherals, while a 20 dB pad switch prevents overload from particularly loud sources, and the Ground Lift switch eliminates ground loops.

Meanwhile, the PRO-248 is outfitted almost identically, but offers two channels, allowing it to handle stereo signals or two mono sources. The TRS jack inputs work with balanced or unbalanced signals. The DI boxes feature high-performance active electronics. 48 V phantom power will power the unit, supplied via the output cable, so that external power supplies or batteries are not required.


The transformer used in both models was selected following a long series of listening tests that were focused on ensuring they would bring across a richness of detail and appropriate saturation. Both the PRO-148 and PRO-248 active DI boxes are built with solid metal housings intended to stand up to the rigors of the road. A rubber mat on the underside prevents the boxes from sliding across the stage. The units’ simple construction allows access to all components if they need servicing; loosening four screws, the protective outer shell can be removed to reveal the inner workings of the boxes, and all the electronics can be pulled out like a drawer, allowing the circuit board to be serviced and repaired if need be.

The PRO-148 and PRO-248 DI boxes are both available; the PRO-148 runs 121.00 euros, while the PRO-248 is 174.00 euros.