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Primera Announces ‘Rent & Rip’ Program for iTunes, Windows Media Player

Primera Technology Inc. has unveiled its new Rent & Rip Program for personal CD collections. Under the terms of the program, customers can rent a Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher along with the company’s PTRip software for $299 per week. The Bravo SE’s built-in robotics will load personal music CDs into the unit and rip tracks into Apple iTunes or Windows Media Player, automatically and “hands-free.” Round-trip transportation is included in the rental fee.

The program requires three steps: place CDs into a Bravo SE Disc Publisher’s input bin, launch PTRip and click “Load to iTunes” or “Load to Windows Media Player.” The process repeats until all CDs in the input bin are processed. Simply remove the ripped discs from the output bin, reload the input bin and click the Import button again to continue.

Primera’s Rent & Rip Program is available now at