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Punch Entertainment Wins ‘Most Innovative Game’ Award at GDC

Punch Entertainment, a global mobile games studio based in Mountain View, Calif., won the “Most Innovative Game” award at the inaugural Independent Games Festival (IGF) Mobile. As part of this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), the IGF recognized Punch’s soon-to-be-launched EGO for its approach to mobile gaming based on social networking.

EGO allows you to create your own customized super-avatar that has an evolving personality based on your actions within the game’s community. EGO is designed to be played on your mobile phone and also features a Web component that allows you to interact further within the world of EGO. The mobile phone and Web versions of EGO are synched with one another. Users can try out a limited version of the game on the Website, which is available now in beta form. Reportedly, Punch Entertainment will officially launch EGO to consumers in the coming weeks, and EGO will be the first social networking game of its kind to be made available in the U.S.

“Our goal with EGO was to create a completely original game that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the mobile platform and we’re honored to have our efforts recognized by IGF,” says Punch Entertainment founder and CEO Tobin Lent.

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