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Wild Touch Productions Offers Web Videos for the Media Production Industry

In an age when video is an integral part of our everyday lives, it’s surprising how few companies and studios use video on their Websites to help promote their products and services. Wild Touch Productions, headed by pro audio industry veteran Andrew Wild (pictured), aims to change that.

Based in Los Angeles, Wild thinks that Web video is big business. “The TV broadcast business is based around 30-second spots, so to me, it’s obvious that Web videos help sell. In 2004, I started producing videos for Euphonix, in both the U.S. and in Europe. Then last year, I launched my own company to provide quality videos specifically for the Web.”

Recent projects include videos for Avid and Solid State Logic. Wild Touch Productions delivers flashy product videos, as well as in-depth, hands-on demos for training users and for providing additional information to help the purchase decision. Wild has also done interview videos with musicians such as Paul van Dyk and Yello.

“We find that those who haven’t already included video on their Website often have no idea how much videos cost, how to go about the process, and where to find a reputable production company that can satisfy their needs,” Wild says.

Engineer Rhys Downing from Wild Touch Productions’ SSL AWS 948 console video.

Wild Touch Productions helps script and storyboard the video, which Wild sees as a critical process, “You have to include all the main product or facility messaging, what makes it special, and what does it offer to make your life more productive and creative. Depending on the scope of the project our prices range from $5,000 to $15,000.

“Once we have a script,” he continues, “we shoot using professional high definition 1080p cameras and lights; lighting is critical to a quality shoot. Most videos include at least one days’ shoot; however, PowerPoint-based videos are produced without them. For on-camera talent, I prefer using staff, as they have the experience to tell the story with conviction,” Wild explained.

After editing, final versions of the videos are then rendered for the client’s Website, mobile devices, iPad and YouTube.

Wild concludes, “What matters is we tell our client’s story in an engaging way aimed specifically at their potential clients. Our goal is to increase the client’s revenue by letting a global audience experience their products and services.”

For more information, go to, call 818/219-6219, or send email to [email protected].