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AWS 900+ SE Featured at NAMM 2010

ANAHEIM, CA — New generation Solid State Logic consoles remain the industry first choice for numerous commercial, private and educational studio installations. North American facilities recognize the intrinsic value, flexibility, signature SuperAnalogue™ sound and integrated DAW control the large format Duality SE and medium format AWS 900+ SE consoles offer engineers and creative artists. The AWS 900+ SE was featured at the recent 2010 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.

“There is a ongoing realization on the part of the industry on all levels that in order to create good sounding recordings, one must start with the best sounding tools,� says Piers Plaskitt, CEO of SSL, Inc. “Since inception, SSL analogue consoles have consistently defined the sound of the high end of the market. With Duality and AWS, this tradition continues as console placements grow in facilities large and small.�

By combining a traditional world class SSL analogue production console with a comprehensive DAW controller within a single product, SSL has yet again created new technology solutions that aid creativity, accelerate workflow and improve the quality of finished productions.

Commercial & Private Studio Placements:
Duality and AWS are carrying on the SSL tradition of finding favor with prestige clientele worldwide with a Who’s Who list of placements in private and commercial facilities.

Duality continues to drive success for commercial facilities including Germano Studios, Patchwerk, LA Sound Gallery and Odds On while notable private production facilities including Alicia Keys ‘Oven’ studio and Kevin ‘Caveman’ Shirley’s private studio continue to produce high profile commercial productions.

The Caveman comments, “Duality is the first new generation console where the applications are only limited by your imagination with so many ways you can program it and so many ways you can change the way you mix. I just think Duality is an absolutely stunning console –– it’s super.�

AWS continues to offer medium scale facilities the SSL solution with recent high level installations that include Rascal Flatts band members Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney each adding an AWS 900+ SE to their private studios, while Tricky Stewart’s Triangle Sound Studios added two. Superstar Christina Aguilera’s private facility sports an AWS 900+ SE, as does the studio run by multi Grammy Award winning engineer/mixer/producer Rafa Sardina.

“I highly recommended the SSL AWS 900+ to Jay and Joe Don because of the flexible power and incredible sound of the console,� says Carl Tatz, owner of Carl Tatz Design. “While the AWS has a small footprint, all the sonic quality and functionality of an SSL console is immediately apparent from the minute you start a session. The AWS is a very real console.�

“From a producer standpoint, the AWS gives me that rich sound that you associate with SSL at a very reasonable price point,� says Tricky Stewart, owner of Triangle Sound Studios. “Just the name Solid State Logic immediately legitimizes your studio. You can’t put a dollar value on what that does because now you’re working with the standard and all artists recognize this.�

Educational Placements:
Both Duality and AWS continue to be a success formula for educators with recent Duality placements at Full Sail, Art Institute, MediaTech Oceanside, Daytona State College and many more.

Jake Niceley at Daytona State College. “We are teaching the craft of sound recording and, in addition to the excellent EQ and dynamics processing on the console, Duality also allows us to address our different DAW platforms right from the console and that is very important to us. We use a wide variety of equipment to educate our students in the art of audio capture and Duality has the power to bring together these different elements into a cohesive teaching system.�

Recent AWS placements include Kennesaw State University, Georgia; Mississippi Valley State University; Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma and Miami Dade College, Florida.

“It is my belief that giving students the experiences to record and mix on an SSL is a great investment for the university,� says Daryl Dickerson, lead engineer of the audio program, B.B. King Recording Studio, Mississippi Valley State University.

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit: