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Dangerous Music & Vintage King Team Up in Nashville for a Mix Extrapolation with Engineer F. Reid Shippen

Nashville community turns out in droves at Vintage King for the inside track on the Dangerous Compressor, BAX EQ and 2-Bus by multiple Grammy award-winning engineer F. Reid Shippen

Nashville, TNJanuary 29, 2015 – After about an hour of introductory explanations of gear by Dangerous Music Sales Manager and Audio Alchemist President, Marek Stycos, Grammy award winning mix engineer F. Reid Shippen took the spotlight and walked the Nashville audience through his workflow for mixing with the Dangerous Music Compressor and BAX EQ. Nearly 100 of Nashville’s local artists, producers, engineers and studio owners turned out at Vintage King Audio‘s headquarters just a stone’s throw from many top studios in Music City. The event was one of over 30 that Dangerous Music and Audio Alchemist has assembled across the US during 2014 involving stores, along with engineers that use Dangerous Music products; the Company plans to continue its seminars in 2015.

“Superb to see the Nashville community turn out to hear how Reid utilizes these innovator’s products to mix,” says Marek Stycos, Sales and Marketing Manager for Dangerous Music and President of Audio Alchemist. “A big thanks goes out to Vintage King here in Nashville for co-sponsoring this event.”

The event showed off the new Dangerous Compressor and the Company’s unique BAX EQ along with several other pieces including the Monitor ST and Source controllers, Dangerous 2-Bus summing amp, Dangerous Liaison digitally controlled analog patching, and more.

Shippen’s studio setup features the Dangerous Monitor ST and DAC ST as his studio’s total monitor control and listening reference, and he recently added the Dangerous Compressor along with his oft-used BAX EQ. “The Bax EQ is an awesome piece of gear. I’ve been looking for years, maybe a decade, for an effective hi-pass filter that can take the infrasonic muck out of a mix, without destroying what’s going on in the bottom end. And the BAX EQ is the only one that I’ve ever found that can do that. Add a little bang back in, right in the kick drum area, like 74HZ, and it’s perfect. It’s killer.” Shippen uses the Dangerous 2-Bus summing amp in conjunction with his highly modified SSL 4000E/G+. “The SSL is for that classic killer sound, but some stuff doesn’t need that, and some stuff even gets hurt by it. I use the Dangerous 2-Bus to blend those sounds in with the mix buss of the console. I tried every single summing box, and chose the Dangerous 2-Bus.”

“The Dangerous Compressor is the ‘Lebowski’s rug’ of audio – it really ties the mix together!” adds Shippen. “I’m especially taken with the innovative sidechain options, and I also love to cut drums through it.”

Chad Evans at Vintage King added, “The Dangerous Music event at Vintage King Nashville was one of the best events we’ve had in our shop. Getting to hear Reid openly discuss how he incorporates his Dangerous gear into his workflow set the stage for a very engaging and educational experience for everyone in attendance. On behalf of Vintage King I would like to thank Dangerous Music, Marek Stycos and F. Reid Shippen for choosing Vintage King Nashville as the location for this great event.”

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