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Focal to Present Panel Discussions at “Immersive Music Production II” Event at Nashville’s Curb Studios

At the May 11th Mix & Pro Sound News event, Focal will feature a 9.1.4 immersive music monitoring system and presentations from top mix and mastering engineers

Montreal, Canada May 6, 2024 Focal Professional will feature a 9.1.4 immersive music system with all-Focal studio monitors at Curb Studios for the May 11th Immersive Music Production II event in Nashville, TN produced by Mix & Pro Sound News. The three Focal/Universal Audio presentations at Curb Studios will spotlight engineers Nick “Squids” Squillante, Jeff Balding, and Michael Romanowski in discussion panels on immersive music.

Curb Studios control room
Curb Studios: control room for Studio A (click to zoom)

Focal Pro Director Josh Estock offers an overview of Focal’s presentation at the one-day May 11th event in Nashville, “Focal and Universal Audio are setting up an immersive mixing and monitoring system in the live room at Curb Studios. Engineers Nick “Squids” Squillante, Jeff Balding, and Michael Romanowski will offer insights into immersive music from their recent project experiences in three panel discussions. Our Focal monitors will provide a detailed and exciting listening experience. We’ll also have Focal Clear Mg Pro headphones to compare binaural listening for immersive mixes.”

Focal and Universal Audio will present 3 panels on May 11th in the ‘Studio A’ Live Room at Curb Studios:

2 PM — 3 PM
Mix deconstruction, with Nick “Squids” Squillante (45 minutes)
Mix engineer Nick “Squids” Squillante will walk us through his Atmos mix process from top to bottom. From session management and workflows to object placement and automation, Squids will provide valuable insights for professionals and enthusiasts.

3 PM — 4 PM
Using Stereo Reverbs to Create Immersive Soundscapes with Jeff Balding (45 minutes)
Learn how producer/engineer Jeff Balding expertly uses Universal Audio’s acclaimed Ocean Way Studios, Hitsville Reverb Chambers, and Sound City Studios room emulation plug-ins to build an immersive reverb experience for all to hear.

4 PM — 5 PM
Taking the leap from Stereo to Immersive (45 minutes)
Join Emma Brooks, Nick Squillante, Jeff Balding, and Michael Romanowski as they discuss the transition from stereo to immersive. From challenges to opportunities, the panel will discuss how the adoption of immersive audio has changed their approach in their respective fields of expertise, including mixing, mastering, and system design.

For a specific May 11 agenda for Focal and Curb Studios visit: Nashville Immersive Event Agenda

The all-Focal immersive monitor system—constructed just for the event at Curb Studios—will feature Focal’s new Trio6 ST6 3-way studio monitors for LCR, with Focal’s compact Solo6 ST6 handling the surrounds and overheads. Dual Focal Sub12 subwoofers at 600 watts each will round out the low-end. The system will be driven by a Universal Audio ‘Apollo X16’ interface.

Curb-Studios Live-Room-Studio-A
Curb Studios: live room for Studio A (click to zoom)

Interested engineers, studio owners, musicians, and songwriters can attend the one-day May 11th event produced by Mix & Pro Sound News, sign up at: Nashville

Curb Studios, 43 Music Square E Nashville, TN 37203 (615-963-9300), website:

Browse Focal Naim America’s Focal Pro website: The Focal Pro

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