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Jünger Audio Promotes Smart Audio at NAB 2016

At NAB 2016, in Booth C2333, Jünger Audio focused its attention on Smart Audio, an entirely new concept aimed at helping broadcasters embrace automated audio production, particularly in live environments. With today’s broadcasters facing ever-increasing consumer demand for more content on more devices, the need for faster and more cost effective workflows has never been greater. Many broadcasters face tight resources and a daily battle between delivering interesting content while still maintaining the high quality that consumers rightly expect.

This is where the concept of Smart Audio comes into play. If you don’t have the resources to employ an entire team of audio engineers to manage sound quality at every position, then you must invest in simple, reliable and predictable equipment that can do the job for you, automatically.

“The importance of consistent, stable and coherent audio should never be underestimated because it is so vital when it comes to attracting and retaining viewers,” says Jünger Audio’s CEO Peter Poers (pictured). “People don’t often complain about captions, graphics or subtitles, but give them poor quality sound—in particular, poor quality speech—and they will immediately reach for the remote.”

Read more about Smart Audio on Jünger Audio’s Website.