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Linear Acoustic® Showcases Audio-Over-IP TV Broadcast Workflow Solutions and Participates In AIMS (Alliance For IP Media Solutions) Interoperability Demonstration At NAB 2016

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 18, 2016 — AIMS Interoperability @ NAB 2016: In January 2016, The Telos Alliance companies became a member of AIMS, the Alliance for IP Media Solutions, a not for profit organization dedicated to the development of an open standards approach to the broadcast industry’s transition to media over IP. Representing the TV arm of The Telos Alliance, Linear Acoustic® is a proud endorser of open standards and interoperability, recognizing the importance of giving customers freedom to choose best-of-breed solutions with complete autonomy.

At NAB 2016, alongside more than a dozen like-minded AIMS member companies, Linear Acoustic announces its participation in an interoperability demonstration that will showcase seamless S2022/6 and AES67 connectivity at Arista Networks Booth, SL13905. Linear Acoustic will demonstrate how the AERO.soft audio and loudness management system utilizes AoIP connectivity to deliver compliant audio within an all IP system environment.    

Linear Acoustic Audio-over-IP workflow demonstration room: As an extension to the Linear Acoustic / Minnetonka Booth, a dedicated demonstration of AoIP products from throughout the Telos Alliance group of companies will highlight that networked audio is a reality now and has been brought to you by Telos since 2003. To book an appointment at the Linear Acoustic demo room, please contact [email protected], or visit the Linear Acoustic Booth SU11921.

The Linear Acoustic demo room will feature an AoIP workflow for broadcast audio processing and loudness management. 

AERO.soft is an Enterprise-wide audio and loudness management system. AERO.soft provides the same high quality and versatile processing found in the entire AERO range. Wideband to 5 band loudness control, ITU limiters, UPMAX® upmixing, AUTOMAX stereo/5.1 surround detection and switching, downmixing, noise reduction, parametric EQ, multi-stage wide band processing, are included. Nielsen® encoding and Dolby® bitstream decoding and encoding for Dolby E, Dolby Digital (AC3) and Dolby Digital Plus are also available.  

Processing Engine, the Linear Acoustic AERO.soft server designed specifically for handling AoIP I/O, and network control. The processing engine can handle as many as eight AMX processing instances, eight Dolby decodes, eight Dolby encodes, 16 Nielsen encodes, and 16 pairs of AoIP audio I/O.  Dual power supplies are included.

SDI xNode provides two HD/SD SDI I/O in a half-rack space form factor.  16 pairs can be de-embedded to AoIP and 16 pairs can be re-embedded from AoIP.  The SDI xNode includes independent video delay for each SDI stream and audio pair shuffling and routing for all eight pairs in each SDI stream. Internal AC power supply and input for external DC supply are standard. 

The Linear Acoustic demo room will also feature a fully integrated compact AoIP TV studio mock-up using several allied AoIP solutions from Telos Alliance partners including the following:

PathfinderPRO, a Windows-based router control software that combines routing control for all Livewire+ AoIP format system entities and also features an event scheduler, advanced GPIO management, user-definable software control panels, and networked audio monitoring and protocol translation to map the audio routing layer with third-party plant video routers.

xNode product family, offering a range of compact (1RU, half-rack width) signal cross convertor bridges capable of interfacing mic/line analog, AES and SDI embedded audio with Livewire/AES67 AoIP networks. xSwitch is the world’s only zero-configuration Ethernet switch optimized for Livewire+ IP-Audio applications. Fast setup requires only IP address assignment via front-panel OLED display or Axia iProbe software.

IQ Series Mixing Console, although designed primarily for radio broadcast, the IQ series AoIP mixing platform is also ideal for small TV facilities such as News Affiliates, HOW and Local Community Stations, combining ease-of-use with flexibility and economy.

VOCO 8, a highly flexible premium voice processing engine with a built-in Sound4 HQ192 processing engine and featuring AES67 as well as balanced analog audio I/O.  

For additional AoIP control, the company will be showcasing the xSelector, a source monitoring controller that combines the routing functions of an XY router control panel with the audio outputs of the xNode. Users can quickly program six convenient “radio buttons” for instant access to favorite sources. Also on display will be the IP-Audio DriverPC software that allows users to send and record single or multiple channels of stereo PC audio directly to and from Axia networks via Ethernet without needing sound cards and finally, Axia IP Intercom will be represented along with the iProbe Audio Network Management Software that ties everything together encompassing device management, updating, and remote control of any system component.

Also being demonstrated is an Audio-Technica AES67 multiple pattern shotgun solution, which employs the popular BP4029 microphone. This proof of concept demonstrates the ease and flexibility available when conversion, control, and signal accessibility on an AoIP network happens directly at the source input to the audio chain.

About Linear Acoustic

Linear Acoustic continues to innovate the industry toward high quality television audio that is naturally compliant. The company designs and manufactures the AERO™ range of real-time loudness managers, UPMAX® upmixing solutions, AUTOMAX automatic stereo/5.1 surround detection and switching, loudness metering products and standards-based codecs for distribution and emission. The Emmy® Award winning company is one of the television divisions of audio technology leader The Telos Alliance.