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Solid State Logic Announces New X-Delay Plug-In, Expanding its Complete Bundle Offering

Oxford, England, February 21, 2022 — Solid State Logic announces its latest plug-in release: SSL X-Delay. The new plug-in, which is inspired by legendary and iconic hardware delay units from the ’80s, is available now in several formats including VST2, VST3, AAX and AU at a cost of $199 or as part of the SSL Complete Bundle Subscription from $14.99 per/m (Ts&Cs apply). As X-Delay falls within the Love Your ‘X’ Valentine’s Sale, SSL is offering a special 35% discount until February 28th, 2022.

SSL X-Delay, the latest in SSL’s creatively focused plug-in offering, complementing the recently announced SSL X-Echo and is fully controllable from a gorgeous and easy-to-use user interface. Producers and music creators will appreciate the various combination of sounds achievable from up to 4 independently sync-able taps: from saturated slapback vocal delays, to vast stereo soundscapes appropriate for lush synth pads and more. The SSL X-Delay is augmented by global FX such as built-in modulation, SSL’s signature analogue saturation, and a reverb offering multiple diffusion effects and rooms from a single control.



The new X-Delay is the latest entry in SSL’s expanding Plug-In bundle, which is available by subscription on its new eStore. Combined with its sibling X-Echo, SSL X-Delay helps users cover the spectrum between vintage tape and vintage digital delay sounds. By tweaking its powerful modulation, saturation, diffusion and de-essing settings, X-Delay is capable of moving between stark, crisp delays and darker, dirtier soundscapes and of course the huge delay sounds of the ‘80s.  

Features of the new X-Delay include:

  • 4 configurable delay taps, including independent level, ping-pong and panning controls.
  • Combine SSL-style saturation, modulation, reverb and de-essing to shape an endless variation of different delay sounds.
  • Create out-of-control soundscapes by driving the feedback beyond 100%,  and use freeze and kill to build risers and drops.
  • Get the perfect mix-ready delay using the high and low pass filters, mid/side width and mix controls.


For more information on the SSL X-Delay plug-in or to purchase, please visit SSL’s new eStore at


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