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Mix’s Top 20 Articles of 2022, Part 2

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re counting down our most popular articles of the year, as chosen by the readers of Mix!

Mix’s Top 20 of 2022, Part 2

New York, NY (December 20, 2022)—Join us as we look back at our most popular articles of 2022, according to Google Analytics. The Mix Top 20 of 2022 lists our most-read news stories, reviews, blog posts, profiles and interviews of the year, so this Top 20 was chosen by YOU, our readers (Don’t miss Part 1)! We’ll see you tomorrow with Mix’s Top 20 Articles of 2022, Part 3!

16. Hip-Hop Halftime: Remote-Mixing Music for Super Bowl LVI (3/30/2022)

By Steve Harvey. Remote-mixing music for Super Bowl LVI from the NFL’s new West Coast facilities was no simple trick.


15. Mackie Thump GO – A Real-World Review (4/11/2022)

By Steve La Cerra. Live sound pro Steve La Cerra puts Mackie’s Thump Go portable PA speakers to the test in this Real-World Review.


14. Back on the Road with Billie Eilish (7/5/2022)

By Clive Young. After a two-year pandemic pause—not to mention an Oscar win and a hit album—Billie Eilish and her sound team are back on the road, packing arenas around the world with audiences and audio.


13. Mix Live Blog: Finding Fire in a Bottle (4/7/2022)

By Steve La Cerra. With massive sanctions in effect against Russia due to the war in Ukraine, the supply of vacuum tubes is dwindling fast. Enter stage right: Western capitalism.

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