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Vaudeville Creates Immersive Audio Catalog for Shutterstock

Vaudeville Sound Group has created what the company says is the world’s first at-scale immersive sound asset catalog, for Shutterstock.


Vancouver, BC, Canada (May 24, 2023)—Vaudeville Sound Group, which has audio design, production and post production studios in the UK, US and Canada, has created what the company says is the world’s first at-scale immersive sound asset catalog, for Shutterstock.

Vaudeville Sound established a new department in 2022 that is focused entirely on developing and producing immersive audio. The company has pioneered the use of enhanced ambisonics and native 3D audio for TV and film and has broadened its capabilities for the creation, capture and design of natural and hyper-realistic 3D sounds and for creating synthetic audio for a diverse client base.

Vaudeville’s immersive audio assets were reportedly recorded and built from the ground up with the aim of providing immersive experience and application creators with a new sound toolset that is native to their platform and workflow. Vaudeville’s approach was to work natively in 3D; from capturing, designing, mix and delivery, everything was built using the company’s unique 3D sound object workflow. The catalog leverages Vaudeville’s global talent base of designers, field recorders, Foley artists and mixers.

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Sound objects are speaker-agnostic 360 sound fields that contain all the spatially accurate information that a scene or object contains, giving the user the feeling of being physically present within the asset itself. 3D sound objects are completely interoperable between sound reproduction environments, including Dolby Atmos, 5.1, Aura 3D, IMAX, HOA as well as traditional stereo and binaural outputs.

With more than 60,000 immersive assets, the catalog provides Shutterstock customers with immersive spatial audio effects for use in their projects, adding to Shutterstock’s platform for licensing 3D models, videos, music, photographs, vectors and illustrations. Shutterstock acquired 3D asset library TurboSquid in 2021. The development of its immersive audio catalog complements its visual library for a wide range of client needs. The company has also recently developed a partnership with OpenAI to enable generative AI creations from its image catalog.

“We are driven by our clients’ needs for content that enhances virtual spaces, and experiential productions, and immersive audio is a major addition to our catalog,” said Kate Calabretta, the director for music, sound and video for Shutterstock. “Our work with Vaudeville Sound has enabled us to provide the premier library for spatial audio, which is gaining greater recognition in industrial and consumer applications, as the XR industry increases its footprint in the production world.”