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Jungle Room Studios Mobile

Throughout his 25-year career in music, Brian Tarquin—guitarist, recording artist, Emmy Award–winning TV music composer, label owner and book author—has depended upon his recording/mixing...


Mix Regional News: Bay Area

STUDIO TRILOGY HOSTS STEVE HOROWITZ AND THE GUERRILLA COMPOSERS ENSEMBLE Steve Horowitz and the Guerrilla Composers Ensemble recently assembled at Trilogy in San Francisco...


Northeast U.S. News & Notes

Water Music Recording Studios — Hoboken, N.J. Water Music Recording Studios recently acquired a legendary piano to replace its former legendary piano, which was...


Class of 2013

Owner/chief engineer Jason Hearst relocated from Boston to this airy, beautiful new facility in a restored 19th-century grain barn. Despite the rural image that...


Easy Eye Makeover

Easy Eye Sound, the production base of Black Keys singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach, saw a lot of action last year, including Auerbach’s Grammy-winning productions of...


New Studios for Students

With the increased pressure to get students in the door, audio programs around the country have been updating their facilities to provide some kind...

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